Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hell is freezing over my friends. Yesterday it snowed in Vegas. We showgirls were shivirin' in our feathers and fishnets on the Strip. It accumulated to a very deep .000005 inch. Break out the shovels. This lovely weather comes on the heels of 85 degree days last week.

Anyway, I am done labeling for the yard sale. I think I even labeled Baci. And if he doesn't stop barking at the cats, I may reduce the price on his sticker. I need to sell all this stuff because a] I do not want to have to bring it back home and b] I have found my dream stroller. The Escalade of triple strollers, the Hope diamond of trio transportation, the ...well, you get the point.

Introducing- the Peg Perego 2007 Triplette
This thing has more options than my first car. It has all wheel suspension and rear wheel brakes. It has a STEERING WHEEL. One small problem. If I buy ONE MORE STROLLER, you may see me pushing all my belongings down the street in it when Drew finds out.

Oh, yeah, not really a showgirl. Did you forget for a second that my body is still rebounding from birthing 3 humans? The only feather costume I could pull off right now is Big Bird. But it did really snow. For 5 entire minutes.


The Guinn Triplets said...

I saw your link on Splat Designs so I had to check you guys out...its like reading my own blog! We, too, have 2 boys and one girl, ours just turned 11 months old and we participated in our local Mom's Of Multiples buy/sell. I, too, waited until the very last minute to price all my stuff and we bought a triplet stroller with our earnings!

We already had a triplet inglesina stroller, the Choo Choo Wagon and three Jeep umbrella strollers (which have never been used), but I just had to have a triplet jogging stroller! I think its a fedish!!!

Anyway, your babies are beautiful!


DraMa said...

You are so freaking funny:)

I bet that stroller is around $500.00!!! Peg Perego is definitely the Cadillac of strollers. A steering wheel huh? Good lord!

You know, I only have two boys, 16 months apart, so they aren't triplets or even twins... but buying strollers IS a fetish. I have my awesome Graco Duo glider up for sale on Craigs list right now... it's perfect and no one wants it. It's killing me to sell it though. But every stroller I see I want... it's nuts. My kids will be 6 and 7 years old and I'll still be addicted to strollers. I just love them.

And I can't believe you went to UOP! That is so cool! I used to work there so of course I chose it. My sis still works there. If I had gone to school while I worked there it would have been free! Dammit.

Cathy said...

Joselle, you have ISSUES! You need HELP! I just saw the clothes for your daughter for 6 FREAKING months?! When the heck do you have time to shop? Seriously, Michele and I are going to get you some help!