Friday, December 18, 2009

Cast #1 - July 6th

July 6th...

So off on that Monday we head on over to the Ortho armed (ha- no pun intended!) with the x-rays from the hospital. Yep, she has fractured her humerus. On goes a lovely bright pink cast, and with a wave and a smile we are headed back home with a follow up on 3 weeks.

Oh, and at the same time we also get Aspen's pre-surgery registration for her tendon lengthening procedure on July 14th. For her hips. Make sure you are keeping track of the bones we are discussing. Did you know that there are more bones in an infant/toddler body then an adult?

Monday, December 14, 2009

You think you've been busy?....

Well, I say HA to that!

Welcome to the post series called "How many casts can you wear in 4 months?". A small informational grouping of references and tidbits that will make everyone educated about bones. And how easily they break. Grab a chilled beverage, some Frito's and enjoy.
Introductory...The Splint
Let the tale begin with joy, laughter and merriment on a fun filled Fourth of July. Hot dogs, swimming, the Grubbs, and some tasty ambrosia salad followed by fireworks were no match for the evil couple known as.........water + tile.
Throw in one running triplet and you have yourself an ER trip.
5 boys and 1 girl. Guess which one went?

3 hours later we were sent on our way with a beautiful $1 million splint, lovely photos of a fractured humerus, some Tylenol with codeine and a follow up with her Ortho on Monday. Not too serious, after all they said it was a small fracture, should heal quickly. Right???

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well it's about time....

I finally remembered my photobucket account info and fixed my background graphics. More fun and interesting things to follow :)