Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm baaaackkk...

I don't feel like an ogre anymore! Woo Hoo! I can actually swallow without feeling like I just shoved tumbleweed down my throat! Yippee!!!
Ahhh, the holidays. I swear it all went by in a strange supersonic blur. In typical Me style, I waited until the VERY last day, aka Christmas Eve, to start wrapping. Bad move. Luckily, I could use the excuse that many of the toys were too oddly shaped to wrap :) It was when Drew was pulling everything out that I started to realize that we had bought WAY TOO MUCH. Amazon had such a huge toy sale and I had already been picking things up I must have lost track. Lots of toys are still under the tree and many have been put away until their birthday. They were so overwhelmed that morning that we would just give them a gift here and there and then right back to the ball pit they would run.
The 300 ball pit of happiness
What a organized playroom (that will last for 30 seconds)!

"I knew there was more under the tree!"