Friday, March 23, 2007

Procrastination 101

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ok- I know I am a few days late, BUT, the headband I ordered for Aspen didn't arrive in time, so the holiday had to be postponed in the Williams residence. And besides, I like to be different...

In other news, Aspen puked. That's not newsworthy in itself, but the fact that I was holding her up and she puked well, that's newsworthy. And Dominic has found his "jewels" and is holding on like they will fall off if he lets go. He even yanked his diaper off when I was changing him like Viola! just to get to it. Great.
Tomorrow is the big Resolve IVF conference, and I'm on the panel, which means I get to talk about myself for 5-10 minutes. All about me! My RE is also giving a presentation. Hey- I wonder if he needs me to be Vanna White for his slideshow!
Ok - off to finish the handouts that I should have printed 4 hours ago, and the sign I still have to design.


Summer said...

Great picture of the triplets. They all look cute in their St.Patricks day outfit.

Lynne said...

Very cute kids! I'm adding you to my multiple parents blogroll.

Laura said...

lol finding the jewels.
i remember when my little man discovered the boys. it took awhile longer because it was so much easier for him to grab his g tube...didn't have to reach as far. oh, but the day he reached down further...the smiles and giggles were priceless.