Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Project Bambino - Part 5


I have to admit that I was quite cynical at this point, and short of reaching through the phone to strangle Crazynurse, I again adjusted my seat belt for the roller coaster ride, hoping that this time I wouldn't fall out of the cart.

I was wrong. Again.

2 days later I found out the beta did not double. Again. When CrazyNurse called to give me the news, she told me I had to get a methotrexate shot immediately. Crazynurse told me that Dr. Looneypants thought it could be an ectopic pregnancy and to get the shot right away. Since you can't stroll into Walgreens and get this, I had to go back to the ER, where, I may as well had a Metro Pass at this point.

I sit in my room, and sit some more, sit even longer, thinking at any moment my tubes were going to blow out of my body. Finally Dr. Personality walks in and says "I just spoke to Dr. Looneypants, and she says she never told Crazynurse to tell you to come for a methotrexate shot."


Because I had nothing better to do today? So I decided to go to an ER for a shot I had never heard of after talking to an obviously psychotic nurse who apparently had a conversation with a doctor that only occurred in her head?

So I grabbed my stuff, my fallopian tubes, Drew and my uterus and was discharged. With a recommendation off the record by Dr. Personality to find a new OBGYN.

Gee- ya think so?

to be continued...


DraMa said...

Ok, I'm all caught up on Project Bambino now. Finally I got to read all 5 parts. NOW KEEP GOING! I am so intrigued.

It's not because I'm crazy... it's because I seriously find pregnancy and birth a miracle, no matter how hard or easy it is for someone. I spent several years on pg and baby message boards so I learned A LOT about infertility and saw many women struggle with this. But, I'm happy to say that I think all of them got their miracle. Some it took clomid and a couple of years... some it took 7 years and an IVF cycle and some it took years and SEVERAL IVF cycles. They are all different but shared that same struggle.

For me, it was easy... it's hard to say that to anyone who struggles but it's just a fact that I can't hide. All I can say is I shared the pain with all of my friends on the boards who struggled... failed cycles, miscarriages and torture. I saw it all thru their eyes.

I commend you and give you all the credit for going thru this battle and I can understand your pain, anger and all the other emotional ups and downs you went thru. Thanks to being a part of those message boards and meeting woman all over the world, I know what not to say and how to handle situations that involve friends or acquaintances going thru infertility.

"At least you can get pg" is one for the stupid books... I heard friends say they got that line a lot too. It's ridiculous. All I tell them is that people have no idea WHAT to say to couples struggling and they just do the best they can. It's not meant to be mean. For me, after my miscarriage, I hated hearing "it was just not meant to be".... UGH! Shut up... JUST SHUT UP!

Anyway, can't wait to read the rest of the story! One of my good friend had Clomid twins (boy and a girl) and is FINALLY pg with her third after going thru 3 miscarriages in the last 2 years. She is due pretty soon:) I think she even got pg naturally these last times but her body wouldn't hold the pregnancy... till the 4th time:) Now the twins are going to be a big brother and sister:).

Sorry to ramble... I just wanted to share.

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Drama- thanks for the post. It took a while for me to realize that I wasn't walking around with a scarlet I on my chest just because I struggled to have children. It is amazing how many women go through this and you never hear about it. The more I have opened up, the more women I have met that have shared their story also. I think the journey has made me stronger as person.