Monday, September 08, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...

Day 1: Fool yourself into thinking that you will actually get on the road in time. We were actually almost on schedule. Drew painstakingly packed the car in such a way that I swore he must have played too much drinking Jenga in college. It was a perfect puzzle masterpiece. Get in the car, forget the confirmation number, turn back around and then finally get on the road an hour later then planned.

Tip #1: Do not drive anywhere remotely towards California on Labor Day. If so, plan on adding 4 hours to your trip.

Apparently, the ENTIRE state of California decided to have a mass exodus towards Sin City for the Labor Day weekend. Then, they all decided to go back with us- the overstuffed Pathfinder with triplets singing in the backseat.

Tip#2: The reason for the back up- the damn fruit stand checkpoint at the CA/NV line. Because taking fruit into CA is a BIG deal. Why? Don't know and I don't care. Just make sure to have some oranges available to bean at the checker's head for tying up traffic the next time.

Back on the road, we finally decide it would be a good idea to feed the munchkins. So we hunt down a KFC for mac & cheese.

Tip#3: California has a great sense of humor, especially the pranks about putting the signs for fast food AFTER the exit you should have taken 1/4 mile back.

Gee Arnold- thanks a bunch.

to be continued...