Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Note to self #5

"Do not wait until you are deep in the kingdom of sickyness to find a new family doctor"

My throat feels like I swallowed barbed wire and my nostrils are each sending out teams of snot bobsledders to see which one can race down my face the fastest. So I figured I should go make sure I didn't have SARS or the bird flu. Problem is, I have not seen a "regular" doctor in a long time. The only MDs I have seen recently only handle the nether regions. And since this situation was occurring north of the border, I didn't think my Peri (who is probably now regretting keeping me as a "normal" patient) would appreciate me calling him about a snot clogged nose.

I finally got in to see a PA-C, who told me I have a lovely sinus infection and bacterial pharyngitis. So she gave me a script for some giant horse pills and a lollipop and sent me on my merry way. OK- I didn't get a lollipop but I deserved one.

So, it hurts to talk, and I am whining with kleenex stuffed up my nose. AND I can't take my diet pills for 10 days.


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