Friday, March 16, 2007

Project Bambino- Part 4



Crazy Nurse-" I need you to get another blood test so we can see if the number doubles from 41"
Me- "Uh- ok. But, I had my period. I don't get it."
Crazy Nurse "Some people bleed when pregnant- don't worry" (understatement of the year)

I left work anyway, went and got a pregnancy test, a card for Drew, and a "I Love Daddy" bib. Went home, peed on that damn stick, sure enough- positive.

Drew came home, and I had the bib, card and stick behind my back. I whipped them out, and after a moment of confusion, it finally registered. I went the next day for follow up blood work.

It came back 49. No double, not even close. Then the cramps hit, and spotting, and one trip to the ER later, miscarriage #1 was confirmed - beta down to 18.

If 1 more person told me that at least I knew I could get pregnant- I would have ran them over with my car.

So 1 week after this, I go and see Dr. Looneypants. After confirming my negative pregnancy test, she proceeds to tell me that I am ovulating. Yeah-ok-whatever. But not one to give up an opportunity, (Mom- cover your eyes) Drew and I have "snuggle time". Dr. Looneypants calls the next week and tells me that she wants 1 more blood test for my records. So I trudge into Quest a few days later, Dracula takes my blood, and I go home.

2 days later- ring ring- It's Crazy Nurse on the phone.

Crazy Nurse-"Your blood work came back positive."
Me-"Positive for what?"
Crazy Nurse-"You're pregnant"

Good gawd- here we go again....

to be continued...

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