Sunday, March 11, 2007

My parenting license may be revoked...

Oh boy.

The parenting police are probably shining theirs cuffs right now.

Ryan had a rough weekend. Ryan is no longer allowed in the Bumbo chair unattended. Ryan can climb out of the Bumbo chair. Ryan fell headfirst into the sink.

1] He loves water
2] He saw water
3] He went for the water while I grabbed Dominic

I need another set of eyes and another arm.
Note to self #6 - There is a reason that the Triple Decker stroller clearly states on the handle bar "Remove top baby first".

After taking the trio to see Drew at work, Liz and I decided to grab some lunch. After finally getting seated (aka- making it thru the curious folks to our table) I was so flustered that I took Dominic off, then as I lifted Aspen's car seat off, I heard a THUNK.

uh oh

The law of gravity is proven when 17 lb baby makes the stroller top heavy. I swear a silent hush fell over the restaurant. So there is Ryan, in the car seat, triple decker with its front wheel high in the air, looking at me like "What the hell MOM!" and then he proceeded to SCREAM, just for dramatic purposes only.

So I played it off like a stroller malfunction, and not a Mom malfunction, and all was calm in the land again.

Then he got the ultimate revenge. We had 1 last stop- and he broke the CARDINAL RULE.


Of course the diaper bag was in the car (I mean, after all- mothers of the year like myself tend to leave the diaper bag in the car-DUH). So I send my apologies out to the fellow shoppers on behalf of Prince StinkyPants.


The Grubbs said...

Yeah, the poop in public- we could all do without. Why don't they have any shame where that in concerned? As far as the TD mishap, I have done the same thing in the RA when I had tons of shopping bags attached to the back. Good thing they were belted in or they would've tumbled out like Yahtzee dice. Glad no one is hurt, I hate the "it's my fault" guilt when they get hurt.

HW said...

I am MOTHER OF THE YEAR - 1995 - for losing my daughter at Indiana Beach (we looked away for ONE second - honest) and MOTHER OF THE YEAR - 2005 for allowing our son to go a week with a broken finger without having a doctor see it only to be told he needed surgery AND... MOTHER OF THE YEAR - 2006 - for letting my son fail the eye exam at school TWICE before realizing at home how much he squinted and needed glasses/contacts.
Let's not talk about MOTHER OF THE YEAR, I'm afraid I keep winning that title.....

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Laura- see- just another reason why I should kick and scream to avoid getting the RA. I swear I look for excuses everyday but *alas* I think the time is coming close when I am going to have to bite the bullet and buck up and get the thing. Of course- I have no idea how to transport the thing since I don't want to attach it to the back. Maybe Michelle will sell me her scooter!

HW- ok - you win with the finger incident :) Hey- can I at least get honorable mention?

Michele S said...

I thought the sole reason for buying the Triple Decker was to see how far you can catapult the last remaining baby. I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how many times I did that. More than 10.