Sunday, March 04, 2007

Project Bambino - Part 2

After thoroughly unpacking and convinced that I didn't misplace my ovaries at some hotel in Colorado, I decided to go see my OBGYN, who, I shall refer to as Dr. LooneyPants.

Dr. LooneyPants tells me to continue to use the ovulation tests (apparently she missed the part where I told her that I had been doing this already) and to see her in 6 months if I am not pregnant. Gee thanks- all that great advice for just a $10 co-pay.

So, I play nice, and go along, and 6 months later call for an appointment, and they get me in for a maintenence check in August 2003. Dr. LooneyPants thinks I just need a jump start and prescribes Clomid. Great, this should be an easy fix. So I begin taking the pills in the beginning of September, with a pregnancy test scheduled September 30th. Yippee!

Umm, sorry Project Bambino, but there is a change of plans.

Drew and I flew to Baltimore to see my grandmother who was ill. We land, my mom calls and tells us to catch a cab.

I walk in to find out that my dad had just died.

My father passed away while I was on the plane.

September 30th, the day of my pregnancy test, was the day of my father's funeral. be continued

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