Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes- I pimp my kids for candy...

Today was the LVMOMs Halloween party. It started off at Peter Piper Pizza. In a moment of clarity, as I sat staring at the pizza, with 3 hungry sets of eyes staring at me, did I realize the the munchkins have never had pizza. Therefore, pizza consumption was administered by fork.

And even though I took great care in delivering food to mouth, HOW IN THE HELL did Ryan get pizza on his costume?
That's ok- because I am the crazy mom that whips out the Tide stain stick Yep- that's me.
We then went to the Clark County Museum of Old Stuff (I don't really think that is the name, but it is a damn accurate description). They were holding a Halloweenie Trick and Treat fest, so we got to push Mickey, Minnie and Donald around and have more than a few Einsteins ask the typical questions. No, they are not identical, yes-3 does equal triplets, and no, I am not having anymore.

But the perk? Triplets = lotsa candy!

Yep- 3 heaping baggies full of chocolate, gummy stuff, and Jelly Bellys. Not the cheapo sweet tarts or candy that tastes like chalk. We are talking Hersheys baby!
And since I am very concerned about cavities, sugar overindulgence and possible choking hazards, Drew and I made every attempt to make sure that the candy was well out of reach of the trio.

Now if you excuse me, I must wipe the chocolate off my keyboard.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whoa! Where did September go?

I swear I lost an entire month! At this rate the kids will be driving next week. Hmm, lets see... what the heck did I do over the last few weeks?

1. Survived first family vacation without any bumps, bruises or scratches.
2. Replaced 2 bumpers from the small teeny tiny fender bender in the driveway (oops).
3. Celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

Yep 10 years. 10 years of opportunities for Drew to finally realize I am not the domestic goddess that I packaged myself to be. But that's ok- he likes Hamburger Helper and likes to do his own laundry- so I am off the hook.

Very Patient Husband whisked me away to Sedona for an anniversary getaway. Spa treatments, shopping- he's the man with the plan.

Until the hiking.

There is a very valid reason I am a Girl Scout dropout. I don't hike. I don't even like to get the mail. However, the promise of a energy realigning vortex seemed to exciting to pass up. Besides, VPH said it was only 2/10ths of a mile. How bad could it be?

Bad. Very Bad

First- it was not 2/10ths of a mile.
Second- it was not flat
Third- I had no water
Fourth- I swear I heard a buzzard circling above my head

As for the vortex? As soon as my dehydrated, no longer relaxed from the spa worn and torn body got to the top of the HUGE mountain- I wouldn't have felt any realigning if it came and kicked me in the ass and slapped me all the way back to the bottom. And I am pretty sure I threw off some negative energy by asking Zen Yoga Master which way was the easiest to get back down.