Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dominic's favorite song

It's quite catchy. Both Drew and I have been caught marching.....

Are you Scared? Join the Afraid Parade! from Kelsey Friday on Vimeo.

Monday, February 23, 2009

potty schmotty

Life is about choices. And in an effort to get these kids on the potty- they have choices. They can use the practical potty seat, the multipurpose potty chair/step stool, or for those times when you just feel like peeing on reptiles- the froggy potty.

What more could they want- a bidet?

The potty training process could quite possibly send me over the edge.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've been violated...and misc crayon issues...

I'm a Facebook junkie. There, I said it, now the healing can begin.

So you can imagine my shock when I found out that someone hacked into my FB account today. My friend Kyle messages me and asks me if I am ok and if I am in London. Then I get a call from my friend Korina.

So I call Korina back and she proceeds to tell me that I messaged her saying that I was in London, was robbed on the way to my hotel and could she wire me $1300.00!!! Thankfully they knew this jiggidy-jig was a load of crap. This is because:

A: I have very smart friends
B: I hate to fly so London would be completely bizarre
C: Who solicits money via Facebook?
D. I have plenty of money coming my way thanks to the President of Nigeria I helped out with a little check cashing issue. See-I will have 1 million dollars as soon as the check clears!

(I'm sure that Michelle is reeling in laughter at my FB debacle)

oh, and Dominic decided to color the tile with a black crayon.
And Ryan ratted him out.
Definitely not a good CIA prospect.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...after

I would have posted this on Valentine's Day, but I was busy being pampered like a Hilton.

ah, yes, the dishwasher slapped me back to reality. This is one day of kiddie dishes. And they wonder why we have a water shortage in Vegas?

My Valentine card. When you go through a gallon of milk a day- this is the most logical place to put it for me to find it. Very clever Drew!

My attempt and being Martha Stewart. These are supposed to look like roses. They...well...don't.

Drew came home and made dinner- a wonderful Filet Mignon with bearnaise, herb roasted potatoes and tomato casserole (yes Ricci- your recipe + mozzarella).

We are going out to dinner tonight. We stopped going on Valentine's Day quite a few years ago after some unfortunate server tried to deliver my not quite so cooked steak that I swear bled all the way from the kitchen. Way too busy and way too packed and rushed. So we always go after Valentine's Day. And tomorrow is Spa Day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

oh dear....

this could take some therapeutic undoing.

Dominic, by comparison, was the last one to blossom in the vocabulary department. It is still sometimes difficult to understand what all of them say sometimes, but for the most part- it's decipherable. Well,except (quick offshoot story approaching.....

Drew bought the kids humidifiers for their rooms- a penguin and a frog. After all this is the desert, and we don't have a street named Sahara just for the heck of it. One day the penguin was sitting on the kitchen island and Ryan come running over and proceeds to tell me that "Daddy's peesnis felled down, Daddy's peesnis is BROKEN Mommy!"


So, after a quick call to Drew- I sat Ryan down and we practiced PENGUIN for about 30 minutes. I still might not risk a trip to SeaWorld anytime soon though.

ok- back on track. So Aspen and Ryan are the chatterboxes. However, Aspen cannot and has never been able to say Dominic, nor has Ryan. So from the moment Aspen could talk, she called him Maggot, which atleast has now morphed into Maggik. Ryan, being the repeater as he is, just went along and copied her.

And now Dominic can't even say his name- he calls himself Maggick. Ryan now just calls him Brudder.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

umm, I've been busy?...

I know, I know- I'm a bad blogger. I've been very busy I swear.

After all, it takes alot of time to care for my tentuplets. Yep- popped out 10 kids last week. I figured since I had all these extra embryos just sitting in a freezer, why not use them up? I have nothing better to do except breed children. Take that Nadya Suleman you freaking TRAINWRECK!

I could go on and on but there are serious and less delusional things going on right now in my life.
I could say I have been saving the world, ending domestic hunger issues, or even doing laundry. But since Michelle busted me out for my Facebook addiction, I figured I better come clean.

Plus, I have been making Who-Hash.

I am utterly at a loss for new and refreshing food ideas. I have probably fed my kids gallons of mac and cheese- they seem to be indifferent to other food groups. It all just seems like the same old crap day in and day out.

Except today. I'm crafty.

Take 1 can of chicken and noodles, add in some ham, and peas and viola! Who-Hash delight!

They hated it.