Monday, July 30, 2007

Martha who???...

Sometimes I amaze myself with the things I can do with a staple gun and some hot glue. World issues could probably be solved with just a couple of staples and 900 degree glue.

My newest creation...

It's a board for all of Aspen's bows! All 1 million of them! I have reached new levels of organization!

Now once you snap back to reality from my sheer brilliance and handiwork :) go over and meet my friend Dena. We were due 2 days apart and she kept me sane by putting up with all my neurotic symptom over analyzing and addiction to pregnancy tests. She warned me about not so great maternity wear choices (if only I had listened) and always reminded me to drink more water :). Now she has entered blogland and there is no turning back. muhahaha :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My newest obsession...

It's all about the bling.

Since I have made sure that Aspen has bows to match all her outfits, I decided that she needed bracelets. And because I can NEVER do anything low key- I have already made 20. I now own enough beads to create a snazzy 90's retro prom dress.
"Mommy made me a bracelet- let me get a look at this thing."
"WHAT! No diamonds???"

Friday, July 27, 2007

Go Eat Honey!!!

I have all three kids in speech therapy on Fridays. Even though they are only 14 months, I'd rather be ahead of the game then have to play catch up. They had their eval last week and they all scored right where they need to be for the most part. However, since it is private therapy, and Aspen already gets PT and OT there---well, they accepted them.

Apparently I did not talk until I was 3- my mother said I haven't shut up since.


While I am there, the therapist asked me how they were doing on sippy cups. Oh, you mean the formula filled missiles they like to throw? So she goes and grabs the "I wish I had thought of that" sippy cup. The Honey Bear Cup

It is an empty honey bear with tubing for the straw. My first thought was "No way in hell could this possibly work." Wrong. Ryan, the main culprit behind sippy cups tossing LOVED it. He started using the straw right away. Yippee!

So I can either order them already made, or I can start eating alot of honey and send Drew to Home Depot for the tubing. However, since I hate honey, and Drew would come back with not only the tubing, but solar screens (our energy solution), a new drill, and other man stuff- it might be cheaper just to order them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bad ideas when trying to conserve electricity...

Some attempted energy conserving ideas that just didn't pan out...

1] Shaving your legs in the dark- just don't do it unless you or your spouse are trained in applying tourniquets or stitches in a jiffy.

2] Scrounging for a snack in your pantry - especially if there is the possibility that the bagel you are trying to make can be mistaken for blueberry, when in fact, those "blueberries" are actually mold spores.

3] Bubble baths in the dark - unless you want to miss the tub and slip, thus causing very sharp tile edge to bang into shin, causing a very unsightly 5 inch long bruise.

But- the good news is that it did rain- complete with thunder and LIGHTENING. So we used the lightening as natural light :) Seriously- we have turned all the lights off in the house- it looks like a bomb shelter. Even though we did change all the bulbs to those funny looking energy conserving ones last year. I think I may move into my car since with my newly tinted windows and high powered A.C- I should be set.

Now I understand why my father would always yell at me to turn off lights when I was a kid and shut the door when the air was on. Apparently I really AM trying to cool the neighborhood now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cotton- the next food group...

"Hey Mommy- can you feed this kid so he stops eating my shirt?"

I would also like to send a bit of gratitude to the nice folks at Nevada Power for making me realize that I am an energy hog. Shame on me- that's right- punish me by whipping me back into energy conservation with a bill that included numbers such a 6,3,8- in that precise order. Who are we kidding? Why call it a bill? WHY NOT CALL IT A FINE!!! So I have ran around the house unplugging anything that could be using 1 teeny ounce of electricity, jacking up the thermostat, and even unplugged the charger to Drew's toothbrush. He will just have to use a manual one and suffer. Now I must go eat everything in my fridge 'cause I'm turning it off and surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to conserve energy until September.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Acrobats, ketchup and utensils...

In the last 3 days...

1] When the boys wake up in the morning, I put them together in 1 crib so they can play for a bit. As I am standing in the doorway, Dominic climbed ON TOP of Ryan, leaned over and FLIPS feet over head out of the crib. And it is already lowered. Now I understand why triplet moms are big fans of crib tents. (note to self- find crib tents)

2] Ryan stole silverware from Red Robin yesterday. We found them underneath his seat in the stroller. I made Drew go in and return them. I refuse to encourage his little crime spree.

3] I learned the meaning of Murphy's Law. I wore a white shirt to work today, only to splat ketchup on it- more specifically - RIGHT ON MY BOOB. It looked like a nipple massacre with a spork.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday DaDa!

Saturday was Drew's birthday so we gathered up the trio, Liz and our adopted family member Richard (Drew's buddy from college) and went to Maggiano's at the Fashion Show. The kids were very well behaved and took quite a liking to avocado (blech).

coming soon... banned from Red Robin, biting, and pole vaulting crib disasters...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Seeking a new pediatrician...

Because the one I go / went to has an office staff that SUCKS. I have never dealt with a bigger group of bozos in my entire life. Stupid, idiotic, half brained dumb-asses.

It all started when my OT suggested to have the trio come in for speech evals. Well, in order to do so, they told me that I needed to get a referral. Which, I have never had to do since I have a PPO, but whatever. Every time I am at the Peds, they give me referrals for unknown reasons like the have a quota to meet. A few examples of the new level of stupidity they have reached:

1] I called to make the 12 month check up appointment a month in advance. The bozo on the phone asks if it will be a sick visit. WTF??? I told her that if anything changed in the next 4 weeks I would let her know.

2] Sends over a fax to Aspen's neurologist requesting that they schedule an appointment for an eval. They listed me as the patient. When the neuro called- it was quite an interesting conversation.

3] Tried to tell me that Synagis shots received in February would last until the end of April. It's a 30 day shot. Counting is not one of the job requirements apparently.

So I called yesterday to get this referral at 8:30 am. Dumbass #1 says no problem- she will have the Dr fax it over. Ok -fine. When I called at 5:12pm to follow up, Dumbass #2 tells me the Dr. doesn't do them, some other dipsh!t in their office does, but that I don't need one because I have a PPO. After I explain to her that it is a requirement from the therapy center, she says the doctor will fax it over that night. What happened to dipsh!t referral moron she just referred to?

So I call the therapy center today and they don't have it. I called back to the Peds office, got a different jackass on the phone who said maybe they can do it today. Oh no, it was that precise moment that I decided to ruin someone's day. Give the office manager now!

So the head dumbass gets on the phone and says that I don't need one blah blah blah. After I explain again that they are requiring one, she proceeds to tell me that they can take up to a week. This is the moment that I decided to enlighten her in a not so nice way about her inadequacies in educating her office staff since obviously they did not know this little rule. She then proceeded to apologize to me, and I let her know her apology was worthless, much like her and her staff.
Thankfully for her, I hung up on her before I could recommend where she could stick her apology and give her a referral for a proctologist.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's official...

The triplets will be invading Baltimore! Yep, I did it. I booked flights for Drew, Liz and myself for the 1st week of September, with kiddies on our laps. Please let them sleep thru the flight!

In other news...

The 2007 Peg Perego Triplette stroller, complete with steering wheel, will be joining our family!!!

I'm so excited! I think I just might love it as much as Drama loves her Stella :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

6 went out, 5 came back...

It is hot in Vegas. Hot as hell. Only, I think hell might just be a tad cooler right now.
Anyway- because the 60% Gymboree sale ends Saturday, and I had to go over to Henderson anyway, why not stop at the Galleria and enjoy the fruits of all the hardworking sale creators at Gymboree and partake in their lovely Gymbucks promotion?

We left the house with 6 shoes. We returned with 5. Now there is a good chance perhaps one of them melted off between the car and the front door of the mall. And considering that when the 2nd shoe was returned by the lovely lady in Gymboree, and Dominic somehow had gotten ahold of a pair of shocking pink flip flops, I think it was all part of his master plan.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


An entire post about boogers.

My kids create the LARGEST boogers I have ever seen in an infant's nose. Giant hard crusted particles of snot. They are not stuffy, so I have no idea where the ingredients for these alien balls of slime come from. Solid chunks of snot that would take you eye out if hit by one in a snot shot battle.

I went to grade school with a grungy little boy who would always pick his nose and try to rub it on the girls. And we always picked on him (no pun intended).


Monday, July 02, 2007

Boys will be boys...

Brotherly love... how sweet

Lasted an entire 2 minutes...