Friday, March 09, 2007

I amaze myself :)

I took the the triplets public...ALL BY MYSELF! This was my 1st solo trip with them and I was a little leery. OK, scared the beeheezus out of me. But I loaded up on caffeine, made sure they were fed, and off we went.

Aspen got 2 easter dresses, and they all got a boatload of clothes. Mission accomplished. Didn't even get them off schedule. I rock!

And stay tuned for for my new blog look. Splat Designs is creating me a totally awesome new blog design. I can't wait!

Off to take more antibiotics since my voice is officially toast. Drew doesn't seem to mind.

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Michele S said...

Good for you, Joselle! YEAH! I totally get how liberated you feel after taking them by yourself. You go, girl!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Also, pop over to my blog and learn about our upcoming St. Patrick Day Parade. Hopefully you will be well enough!