Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not fair! Not fair! Not fair!

4 out of 5 inhabitants of my house sleep through the night. Guess which one doesn't?


I have been afflicted with insomnia. Why, why do I wake up 2 am in the morning, all bright eyed and unable to fall back asleep? So I stared at Drew, thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I stared long enough, I could somehow telepathically suck his sleepiness into me. But no, I do not have these powers. So I stared at the ceiling, counted, and tried to think of lyrics to songs. The only one I could think of, which then proceeded to get stuck in my head, was the tune to the kids' animal choo choo train.

Lack of sleep has led to some interesting pricing errors during my almost completed quest of labeling everything for the yard sale. Anyone want to buy a $5.00 pair of infant socks?


Summer said...

I can't sleep through the night either. Drives me crazy. I also have to get up twice to go to the bathroom. I agree its not fair that everyone else can sleep through except me. Not Fair!

lesleysmeshly said...

Are they lined with gold? Fur? Diamonds? Count me in!!!!!
I'm sorry you aren't sleeping...that SUCKS! Have you tried Ambien or any of the OTC non addictive sleep aids? Hell, go for the addictive ones if they help you sleep. When I can't sleep I think of colors...I put colors on a wall..yellow, green, blue and when I find the right color I concentrate on it until I have blocked everything else out. Good luck!!