Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mysteries solved and created...

I have been on this crazy quest to determine Drew's nationality, so I can figure out what the kids are. Now I understand the significance of my father always telling me he was going to import me a nice Italian boy from the homeland. Sheesh- that would have made this little project a heap load easier. I feel like I am just spinning a globe with Drew. Soooo, after consulting with Liz, I am pretty sure it is narrowed down.

Presenting the United Nations Triplets!
Composed of Italian, Irish, and German (me) and Syrian, Greek, Norwegian, Dutch, English (Drew).

AND, I learned a very important new fact today. Mary (as in Jesus, Mary etc) is Mexican. Well, at least according to HellMart. That's right. After I made the VERY stupid decision to try and run into the place today during my lunch to grab diapers and sippy cups, I was walking out and they had a entire rack of Mexican Marys on display. They were pretty big, kinda like lawn ornament size. Now, for the record, I went to a grade school funded entirely by Italians and Greeks, and I do not remember hearing that spaghetti and pitas were served at the Last Supper. So why does one nationality get their own version???
I understand about being "politically correct", but I am a firm believer in the separation of politics and religion, church and state. I'm just confused.

Next time I'll order lunch for delivery.


lesleysmeshly said...

We call that the Heinz 57 baby! =)

Laura said...

this reminds me of a recent conversation with one o my circus clowns:
it seems we have failed our children because we have no distinct ethnicity...dadd comes come strong scottish-irish-english lineage that settled here in colonial times and mama comes from english-german-french-swedish lineage with the most recent immigrant being my great grandmother from sweden when she as an infant.
i try to dress it all up by telling them we are northern european-american but they aren't buying what i am selling.

dena said...

thanks for the good laugh before bed.