Monday, March 05, 2007

Good grief- we're a side show attraction...

I really, REALLY needed a shopping fix. Badly. So I coerced Drew into going outlet shopping by playing Hazel all day long Saturday. I swear I did 23 loads of laundry, or 47, so many I lost count.

So Drew, and I, Liz and the trio trek out Sunday. All goes well, we load up the stroller, get two feet inside Old Navy when Ryan decides to test the acoustics. And screams. Loudly. Which brought loads of people running over like I just beat him with a pair of cargo pants. Of course, this sets off the question we heard 83 times - "Are they triplets?" I have gotten very good at the " Nod, Smile, Look Away".

However, 1 couple was DETERMINED to stand above the crowd.

As we set on a bench, feeding the trio, these kind folks who just fell off the turnip truck decided to whip out the CAMERA and ask for a picture. Huh? So somewhere, in some small town, somewhere in corn field USA, I am smack dab in the coffee table photo album of their Vegas vacation pics.

At least they were polite to ask, others just snapped away like we had a dancing monkey and a humped back midget with us also. Drew was contemplating setting out a tin cup.

People cleared the way for us in the Gap, asked us scheduling tips (me?- I'm part if Michelle's Wingin' It Parenting movement), and praised us for being seemingly well adjusted individuals.

All this, and all I set out for was a pair of capris.

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