Monday, January 22, 2007

Holy Toes the Sequel

Well, I guess I should say Holy Socks Part 1

I am still having sock issues with Dominic. Now I can't even leave him unattended with socks on his feet. I walked into the playroom and he had his socks shoved in his mouth, flapping out of his mouth like a turkey wattle.

This is my fault. I am being paid back because I made fun of a girl in grade school who used to wear socks with those gawd awful jelly shoes (the ones that made your feet stink and rocks would get caught in the heels). I swear life is all about karma.

So now Dominic is on sock restriction. Now he feasts on his pajamas and shirts. At least these stay attached to him.

They want to put everything in their mounths. It's like I have 3 Hungry Hungry Hippos and it's a race to see who can chew the most. I am a Pier 1 addict and now everything is getting boxed up until they are in college. (Hey- if they had Pier 1 Anonymous, would they burn Pier 1 candles during the support groups?).

We are even having a problem with Moo. The other day, we defrosted chicken- since that is all I eat- I may as well move to a farm. Next thing I know the cat is running past me, raw chicken hanging from his mouth . I then have to play tug -o-chicken-breast to get it out of his mouth.
Well, at least I am down another pound. Cat chewed chicken = menu change / yogurt dinner.

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