Saturday, January 20, 2007

So much for that....

I am 31 years old, and I am on time out.

Apparently my mother did not see the humor in my link, considering at 7am this morning words such as "appalling", "obnoxious", and "repulsive" were blasted into my unsuspecting eardrums at decibels that could rival a rock concert. So I calmed her down to a semi - human level again once I explained to her that I didn't actually type the stuff- the coverter did yada yada yada. At that point she told me that if I wanted to play with a toy, I could learn to use the vacuum cleaner.


For the record, my vacuum cleaner is way too complicated. When the old one broke, (and Drew almost cried, those who know my husband know he is a neat freak- how we ended up together- I have no idea), he spent hours researching a new one. More time was spent looking at vacuum cleaner options than on our last car. So off we go to Target, his research in hand, where I promptly left him in the aisle. Only to return to find that him walking UP and DOWN the aisle test driving them. At that point I decided I could never come between the man and his machine. I couldn't even tell you where it is in the house. He probably has it locked up, or in the garage so he can polish it after he finishes waxing his car. Which, he pointed out, has a hood reflection so clear that you could use it as a mirror.

Because I'm going to need to stick my head out the window on the freeway to fix my hair?

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