Friday, January 19, 2007

My new fun toy......

In a moment of utter boredom after the trio went to bed, I found a link for this website that translates everything into Snoop Dogg talk. Just call me J-O-S-E- double L- E. Yeah, so anyway, I have spent that last 1/2 hour cracking myself up translating anything- even the blog!

You gotta try it - this will keep me entertained for AT LEAST another hour, or until I find another mindless thing to humor me.

Just click the spinning rim- that's right- I have a spinning rim on my blog.

And, I only lost 1.5 pounds this week. I batted my eyes at the male nurse and asked for 2 diet shots. He said no. So I asked for 3. He said no and called security. No, he didn't call security, but he DID NOT have a sense of humor. And seriously, if your job duties on a daily basis consist of shoving diets shots into pasty white asses (mine included since it has not seen a tanning bed since 2004), you NEED to have a sense of humor.

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