Friday, January 12, 2007

It's freakin' cold and other various rants.....

Ok- today is the 1st day that I almost cheated on my diet. I REALLY wanted pizza. But (sigh) I stayed strong, and ate cottage cheese. And I felt much better after I went for my diet / butt shot and got the grand total of all my hard work for the last week (drumroll) 10 pounds!!!! and no signs of any extra appendages growing!

In other news....

Drew and I just returned from Los Angeles late last night with Aspen who had an appointment at Shriner's for her hips.
rant #1- It is absolutely pathetic that I have to resort to taking her to California because there are only 2 Pediatric orthopedic practices in Vegas. One does not take my insurance, the 2nd bozo I almost threw out a window when he put Aspen in a contraption that made her look like a frog puppet and she screamed for 5 hours. Plus, now I know he also misdiagnosed her.

So Drew and I take her back in February and they are going to put both hips back into the sockets and cast her for 3 months.

rant #2 - While in CA, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills. I have stayed in enough icky hotels in my lifetime to just be annoyed at just the thought of having to stay in one at all. So, if I am going to pay $200 + a night to hopefully avoid misery- DO NOT insult my intelligence and think I won't notice the GIANT pee stain on the crib mattress. I just paid $18 for a freakin' club sandwich from room service, you can afford a new one.

Thank goodness we took the baby papasan chair with us just in case. Nasty pee crib went in the hallway.

rant #3 - Aspen had on a pink sweater and jeans with pink on the hem. Yet the receptionist felt the need to say "Isn't he handsome!"

rant #4 - No one knows how to merge. That is why there is so much traffic in LA. That is why they only let 1 car on the freeway at a time. Everyone is too damn scared to merge. Hey- I am from the East Coast. We are born with the ability to merge. That is why we are so good at cutting people off. In order to do this, you have to be a skilled merger. We can merge while on our cell, cut you off, finish our breakfast and change the radio station ALL AT ONE TIME.

and finally..

rant #5 - it is too cold here. I did not sign up for 21 degrees in Vegas. Nowhere in the new resident guide does it state that you could possibly freeze your butt off and that it might not be a good idea to pitch all your cold weather apparel when you arrive. If I wanted to deal with snow advisories, I would have stayed in Baltimore.

Ahh, I feel much better now. The old me would have just ate some Ben and Jerry's and called it a night. This is a much more low calorie alternative!

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Cathy said...

Ok, more information needed lol. Back to Shriner's. What did they determine the diagnosis to be? I know that they thought something was wrong with her hips here, and it sounds like they were right in that respect. I want DETAILS, woman!

Congrats on your diet. I wish I could be disciplined enough to do something about this weight I have gained back. Sigh. I wish I had about 5 extra hours in a day!