Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holy Toes!

When I was pregnant and about the size of a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, I became very resourceful. This included avoiding bending at all costs. So I pretty much used my toes to pick up anything. Pens, earrings, clothes, you name it, I could pick it up with my toes. Don't be jealous. After all, I do have an unfair advantage since I did take intermediate gymnastics as a child. So the time on the balance beam did pay off.

Anyway, the problem now is that I think I passed it on to Dominic. So maybe it is a genetic thing. The boy can Houdini out of socks in 1.3 seconds flat. Short of scotch taping them to his legs, I have no idea how to keep them on his feet. On numerous occasions I have had complete strangers run up behind me and hand his socks back to me. I guess he leaves a trail of socks in public places in case we get lost. I also catch him with his oxygen tube between his toes, as well as his blankets.

It's not so much a huge problem now, but I am a little concerned about when he starts school if this habit has not stopped. I can see this conversation now..

ring ring...

"Hello Mrs. Williams, this is Dominic's teacher."
"Hello, is there a problem Miss Teacher?"
"Yesterday in the cafeteria, Dominic ate his entire lunch holding the spork with his toes, and it upset the Lunch Lady."

So I guess only time will tell. Today I found them up by his ears. Maybe he thinks they go someplace other than feet.

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