Thursday, January 25, 2007

Note to Self #1 and #2

Just the beginning of a long list of things I must remember since apparently I have the memory of a funnel ( or sponge, or was it an elephant...I can't remember the saying).

Note to Self #1

Do not try a new "make-up look" before going to work. Nope- not a good idea. Especially if it is 5:45am. One ill thought out sweep of the eyeshadow brush and KABAAM- I instantly looked like Marilyn Manson. And of course it is now too late to start over. So I try to distract away from the bright purple eyeshadow with just a few coats of mascara. Now I have morphed into a bad goth Tammy Fay Baker. WHY WHY didn't I just stick to the everyday neutral tones? Off to work I go, accesorized with a quite interesting necklace that seemed to distract the attention away from my paint by numbers makeup job.

Note to Self #2

If Ryan pees thru his diaper 5 nights in a row, there is a GOOD chance that it has nothing to do with the direction that Winkie is pointing. BUY BIGGER DIAPERS. Especially since Aspen peed thru hers last night, and I know that nothing on her needs to be pointed a certain direction.


Michele S said...

Joselle, Joselle, Joselle- you know my sister sells makeup on Ebay don't you? Good grief, there is no reason to look like Elvira. Come to me. I'll grow your eyelashes to go with your new svelte self.

Also, you should have bought a Runabout. I'm telling you, you HAVE to have the Runabout. Have I misled you in any way yet? HAVE I??

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

uh uh, no way- I have enough trouble finding time to get my highlights done. Now you want me to take care of eyelashes that could potentially grow to my nose?

I can't get the Runabout because it won't fit in the trunk, and do you honestly think that Drew will allow something to be attached to the back? How in the world would he polish and spit shine the car??