Saturday, January 27, 2007

Overpriced big giant bowl of water....

When the living room / bar / aquarium room was turned into the playroom, things had to be relocated. Bar went upstairs, since it would look extremely inappropriate if we left it in the playroom. As interesting as the controversy would have been, it didn't match the colored mats anyway. Next was the fish tank.

This sore spot / fungus / GIANT PAIN IN MY ASS since it's introduction into our marriage was moved into the office. I hate this thing with every ounce of bone marrow in my body. I have hated it regardless of the fact that Drew downsized it. Doesn't matter. IT MUST BE DESTROYED.

The fish don't even like it. I secretly have gotten a good laugh every time one of his overpriced fish from some exotic place jumped out of the thing, only to become an afternoon snack for the cats.

When we lived in Bel Air, I couldn't turn the lights on in the basement if the tank was "sleeping". A mere flick of the light switch would "disrupt the moon cycle and scare the fish".


To make matters worse, Drew moved everything into buckets that are sitting in the garage which has now taken on the same scent as a dead octopus that has been rotting on land for a week. Right now, the only thing in it is rocks- oh, my fault- CORAL (aka- overpriced sea rocks).


to be continued.....................

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Domestic Slackstress said...

Dead octopus. Ew. How do you say something like bad visual but somehow apply it to the ole factory. Maybe bad scent. I dunno. You should check out Cocktail Play Dates, a story on my blog ripped from the morning lineup on The Today Show. Seems moms are kicking back Momtinis during play dates these days. Maybe the bar should have stayed in the play room after all ... Hmmm. I have three kids too. Just don't know how you do it ... all the same age and all. Mine are 5, 3, 2. Chaos reigns in my frantic home as a result.