Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The aftermath....

My family room has been declared a war zone.

I am missing a cat. I can see Moo's tail, but even he is smart enough to know that it is safer to hide under the tree (and trust me- he is not a smart feline. There are toys EVERYWHERE from Christmas.

I came home from work today to find that Drew has turned the living room / game room / aquarium room into a playroom. When we bought this house, I had visions of what a beautiful formal living room this room would make. It never fulfilled it's dream. And my husband has already claimed the family room, so that leaves me with the loft. A loft cannot be a formal living room. It just won't work.

I spent hours painstakingly fretting over what tile to put in the downstairs. It is now going to be covered in bright colored foam mats.

We tossed around the idea of turning the loft into the playroom but then we realized that was not a good idea. 1] I can only imagine Ryan trying to stick his head through the rail. 2] The door to the front balcony is in the loft. I do not need Ryan to try and be Superman off the balcony. Plus it is all glass. Glass shatters. My brother taught me this when he broke the front window of our house trying to sneak in when he was 13.

Oh, and when Drew realized how much it was going to cost to put a gate around the room, he declared- "I will build one!" I can just imagine the bright orange ski slope barriers in there now.

The whole problem is basements. Las Vegas needs more house with basements. That's right. To hell with caliche! Let's all get our shovels together and demand basements! Basements are indestructible. Heck, I used to roller skate around my basement in my favorite Strawberry Shortcake pajamas and twirl a baton ( I am TALENTED) and never damaged a thing! When Drew and I were looking for another house, we found some new ones with "basements"- but in reality they were more like 10x10 wine cellers. You cannot put kids in a wine celler- bad idea.

So this weekend I think I will go the Home Depot and get me a shovel, and build a basement. That way Drew does not have to turn our living room into the double diamond slope at Breckenridge.

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