Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hats of to you SAHM....

Yesterday was an awakening like a cold glass of water right in the face.

I could never be a stay at home mom.

More power to all the SAHMs in the world, because I could never be a member of your club.

I prefer smelling like perfume rather than peas, and yesterday Ryan made sure that "la garden veggietables" were flung in such way that they hid in crevices I never knew existed.

When I was pregnant, I could smell food, in a desk drawer, from across the room. I could have moonlighted as a drug sniffing dog at the airport. Yesterday, when Drew came home, I pretended that I didn't know Aspen had pooped. And trust me, she smelled like a circus elephant.

Today they have decided to begin a new fun game called "synchronized pooping" Not 1, not 2, but 3 stanky diapers all at 1 noxious smelling time (what is in baby food?).

Naps- forget about it. This has been a no nap weekend. Probably because Ryan and Dominic are competing to see who can be the loudest-even Princess Aspen has joined the competition.

Now I must go, it is time to referee the banana and pears slingshot competition to see who can get it in Mommy's eye.

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loren said...

Joselle -
I've learned that the "noxious diapers" do not end. If you are lucky enough you grow immune to the stink. And once you're immune, they up the ante. I don't know what the girls have been eating lately, but at two years old, that smell should mean something isn't functioning properly!