Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Exersaucer on time out

The developmental specialist from Early Intervention came today to check out the kiddos. I apparently am the ONLY mother of 29 weeker preemies whose kids were not accepted by EI. The only reason I even have a DS come to the house is because they "conditionally" accepted Aspen because of her stiff joint issue- but I am responsible for treatment myself, they would not provide services. Fine- because there is a 5 month waiting list for therapy thru them anyway. They evaluated Dominic and Ryan again (3rd time) and they were denied again (3rd time). I can't even get on the waiting list!

So, on one hand I am very pleased because the DS said they are right where they need to be for their adjusted age and that they are not behind in any way and they are doing great. ON THE OTHER HAND- I'm ticked. I have every right to ensure that my kids catch up to to where they need to be by age two. That fact that they are right where they need to be for their adjusted age is great- but I want to make sure that every opportunity for them to catch up to their actual age is available. Don't insult me by telling me "funding has been cut therefore preemies are not automatically accepted". BULLSHIT.

Here's a suggestion to solve your "budget issues" -comment edited to avoid causing a riot and major political debate.

So now I have turned into PISSED OFF PROACTIVE MOM. If I have to eventually resort to matchbook negotiations (a very effective tactic to help individuals see my way - courtesy of my father)- I will do so. I can be a GIANT pain in the ass when the need arises. Thank goodness my insurance will cover OT and PT while I drive EI crazy.

So, the only bit of advice I got from them today was to keep Dominic out of the exersaucer because he keeps his legs extended (which is making him quite unhappy). Gee thanks

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Michele S said...

That's bullshit Joselle. All your kids should qualify.

I've heard the exersaucer thing before. But you also shouldn't use sippy cups or pacifiers either and that didn't stop me.