Sunday, February 25, 2007

You Go Dominic!!!

I have been a little concerned about the Dom.

He had high Apgar scores at birth, but he just does things at his own pace. Would not take a bottle until 38 weeks, then sucked it dry. My mother thinks he inherited my lazy bone.

Until yesterday, at 9.5 months (6.5 months adjusted) he WOULD not roll over. Just would not do it. Would go side to side- but the tummy was not a place he wanted to be. Put him on his stomach and all hell would break loose.

Yesterday- he just rolled over like he had been doing it for years. He also cut 2 teeth yesterday- both broke thru at the same time. Very efficient I must say.

I wonder if it's the introduction of the "Chicken Noodle" dinner. We finally got the green light for "meats". Not that they should be called that since they resemble pureed dog food.

Now if the chicken noodle got him to roll over- perhaps a nice filet mignon will get him to walk?

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