Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happiest booger on the block...

For snotting all over the house, Ryan is a happy baby. Just do not attempt to wipe his nose- he is very anti kleenex. And my Purell attempt at keeping Aspen and Dominic germ free has failed miserably. The only healthy thing in the house is the dog. Drew and I even took turns sleeping all day today.

So between sucking boogers out of their noses with that little blue plunger bulb thinga majig, and target practice with the nebulizer since the Ped didn't order the mask, just the mouth piece, I instituted:
They may be sick, but they are well dressed. I am on this obsessive mission to have them wear everything at least once before I get rid of it. Which is why Aspen has been in a dress every day. I have tubs of clothes filled with stuff they never wore, or can no longer fit in that I swear I am going to organize for the Mothers of Multiples yard sale. I'll start tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday-nope, hair appt, looks like Wednesday may have to be the day.....ok- it may never get done).
"I see that kleenex behind your back!"

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Michele S said...

That middle photo is the cutest darn thing I've seen a long time. They look like they're all going to be characters. I LOVE it!

Hope the snot faucet turns off soon for you guys. Mine slept all night last night after I told them to sit up and blow their nose in the towel and stop screaming for me. It's so much easier when they get older. SO MUCH EASIER!!!