Sunday, February 25, 2007

Project Bambino- Part 1

Its amazing how time starts to fly once you have kids. Thinking I would never get to this part of my life's story, I promised myself that I would write it all down one day, starting from day 1, or BT (before triplets).

So here it goes.....

It might be a little surprising to hear that I NEVER wanted kids until I turned 25. I even had Drew that he didn't want kids either. No particular reason- just didn't want any. But something changed, and I can't put my finger on it. I guess I matured and the things I thought mattered really didn't anymore.

So the birth controls pills went in the trash and I was on a mission. Surely it should only take a couple of months to get pregnant. Life is that easy-isn't it? And just to throw some extra insurance in my quest- I started with ovulation predictor kits from month 1- I was going to nail this project down immediately.

Month one- Nope - didn't work- must be my body adjusting to coming off the BC pills
Month two- Nope- must be faulty ovulation kits
Month three- Nope-must be under alot of stress
Month four- Nope- maybe Drew spent too much time in the hot tub

Month five- STOP- we're moving to Vegas. Not wanting to be pregnant and adjust to life across the country, Project Bambino went on hiatus. So in September 2001, Drew and I, Moo and Sunshine departed Maryland to trek across the country to our new address, hoping my car and our entire house-full of belongings made it there also since they were in the hands of crazy Allied trucker man.

So we get to Vegas, get settled and fast forward a few months. Time to dust off Project Bambino and get started again. Just one small problem. Seems like I may have forgotten to pack my ovaries. Ovulation tests were all negative.

Crap- did I leave my eggs in Maryland?

to be continued...

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