Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A 2nd mortgage......for shampoo

I finally got in to get my hair highlighted and cut. Very sweet of Tony considering I totally forgot when my appointment was and called to ask him, 1/2 hour after I missed it. But he forgave me, and didn't even take it out on my hair :)

However, I have been a tad lax in getting out and getting shampoo and conditioner. Not that I do not have any in the house. I have a "hair product graveyard" full of enough shampoo and conditioner to fill my pool. I just don't like them. So I pawn them off on Drew, who shaves his head bald, so they end up in the guest bathroom.

So last week after I realized that no matter how much I shook the conditioner bottle- it was empty- I ran downstairs and raided the bathroom. The only matching products- Suave (eek). Needless to say I got quite a STERN lecture today about that crap ( yes- I am a product snob).
So we walk over to the case to buy the Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner that he used once on me and I looooved. Quite misleading since they should have it locked up behind bullet proof glass.


PER bottle

PER 8oz bottle. (little factoid- a can of Coke is 12oz)

Note to self #4- Spending $50.00 on 16 oz of shampoo & conditioner could land me in divorce court. PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN!

So off I slumped to the "value" section ($26.00 total for Big / Sexy Hair Soy Milk).
On a good note- I did come home and weigh myself- down another 1.5 pounds (probably from shitting my pants after finding out the price)


dena said...

another pound and a half...hey who cares how it comes off right

Kristi said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It gives me so much hope knowing that your baby C was given the same diagnosis and is sleeping soundly in the next room. ^_^
Your babies are sooo adorable, you are such a lucky mommy to have three little ones!
I'm bookmarking your blog and will remember to check back, I love your last blog on the shampoo..so true!


Laura said...

no, i do not have triplets but i can relate to this.
i am a product snob too. i blame my first born and her career choice. the fact i can't get out too often to have my hair done proper-like, i blame all the other stuff in my life that i must juggle. the fact that i can't afford the product i crave/need i would say is because of the five clowns in my circus act here. for them i will suffer.
i'm glad i found your blog. i'll be back.

Wendy said...

I used to be a total hair product snob. Now I just get the Costco Vat O' Shampoo, thanks to the thought of paying for 4 college educations.

Michele S said...

Joselle- Did you know that the mark up on that shampoo is 100 percent? Did you know I get all mine for WHOLESALE? Muhahahahahaha

Nice going on the 1.5 pounds! I can't wait to get a load of you at our next dinner. Oh wait, I won't be at the next dinner because I'll be in MANHATTAN without any KIDS!!! Man, I'm so sad. LOL!