Sunday, February 11, 2007

Productivity at it's best

I am a domestic rock star.

I accomplished today (in no certain order):
5 loads of laundry
4 successful solo feedings
3 entertained triplets
2 organized pantry shelves
1 30 minute nap
Eek- next thing you know I will be baking cakes and crocheting.

I even separated fruits from veggies!

Look how good they are being!

Drew was so shocked he stood dumbfounded in the kitchen. Next week- I shall attempt 1] learning to use my food processor, 2] finding the mates to 1 million pairs of socks.

And for those keeping score:

Fishtank 2, Me - 0 (There are actual fish in the thing now, I have named them Dumb and Dumber)

Total poundage melted off my "triplet tummy" - 18 pounds in 30 days

Total time on treadmill - 0 minutes (must work on this)


dena said...

love the floor and can't wait to get mine done. maybe you shouldn't have told my the info this morning...I feel very BB is watching !!!

Michele S said...

Joselle- OMG are you going to quit working at stay at home? You sound like you've got it all under control! I'm impressed!!!

And way to go on the continued weight loss! That is totally cool! Who cares if you'll eventually lose your hearing and walk with a limp from those shots, because YOU'LL LOOK GOOD, DAMN IT! LOL! Seriously, thought that is awesome and I can't wait to see you at the next dinner!