Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hmm, what shall I do today?

Choice choices...

Extra time on your hands? Need some ideas?

1] Relaxing day at the spa
2] Get run over by wild boars
3] Go have a mammogram

I think the choice is obvious- boob crunching it is!

Because I am a hypochondriac, catastrophizing, Googling maniac with a history of breast cancer on my mother's side of the family AND I have found a few articles that have mentioned a slight, small, minute, teeny increase in breast cancer in IVF patients- I am taking the plunge, or should I say- smash.

Thelma and Louise are getting steam rolled next Tuesday.

So, in order to prepare, I have come up with a list of pre-mammogram exercises that I shall be doing to better prepare myself for the procedure.

1] Drew is going to smash each breasticle repeatedly with the toilet seat lid. (double bonus- he will learn the seat actually does go down)

2] Freeze them and then try out his new grip vise he got for Christmas

3] Lasso them up with some rope and drag me around the house

But seriously, it can never hurt to be overly cautious, even though I am only (cough)31. So if you hear a loud yelp next week, that will be me having my bonding moment with the x-ray machine.

1 comment:

Laura said...

good for you!
my wish for you besides a beautiful smashed boob picture is a boob smasher who is not perky and just a wee bit too happy with her job.
if she is like the tech at my very first mammo ten years ago you have my permission to slap her. it feels good, trust me. ;)
good luck!