Friday, July 27, 2007

Go Eat Honey!!!

I have all three kids in speech therapy on Fridays. Even though they are only 14 months, I'd rather be ahead of the game then have to play catch up. They had their eval last week and they all scored right where they need to be for the most part. However, since it is private therapy, and Aspen already gets PT and OT there---well, they accepted them.

Apparently I did not talk until I was 3- my mother said I haven't shut up since.


While I am there, the therapist asked me how they were doing on sippy cups. Oh, you mean the formula filled missiles they like to throw? So she goes and grabs the "I wish I had thought of that" sippy cup. The Honey Bear Cup

It is an empty honey bear with tubing for the straw. My first thought was "No way in hell could this possibly work." Wrong. Ryan, the main culprit behind sippy cups tossing LOVED it. He started using the straw right away. Yippee!

So I can either order them already made, or I can start eating alot of honey and send Drew to Home Depot for the tubing. However, since I hate honey, and Drew would come back with not only the tubing, but solar screens (our energy solution), a new drill, and other man stuff- it might be cheaper just to order them.

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Cathy said...

That's how Matthew learned how to drink out of a straw! We are just ending week 2 of NO BOTTLES for Matthew anymore! Time to take them to the dump! Noah is my only one that doesn't know how to drink out of a straw now. I might have to teach him with that cup too.

Once your kids have mastered the straw, Costco has great ones by Munchkin.

I can't believe how big your trio is getting!