Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bad ideas when trying to conserve electricity...

Some attempted energy conserving ideas that just didn't pan out...

1] Shaving your legs in the dark- just don't do it unless you or your spouse are trained in applying tourniquets or stitches in a jiffy.

2] Scrounging for a snack in your pantry - especially if there is the possibility that the bagel you are trying to make can be mistaken for blueberry, when in fact, those "blueberries" are actually mold spores.

3] Bubble baths in the dark - unless you want to miss the tub and slip, thus causing very sharp tile edge to bang into shin, causing a very unsightly 5 inch long bruise.

But- the good news is that it did rain- complete with thunder and LIGHTENING. So we used the lightening as natural light :) Seriously- we have turned all the lights off in the house- it looks like a bomb shelter. Even though we did change all the bulbs to those funny looking energy conserving ones last year. I think I may move into my car since with my newly tinted windows and high powered A.C- I should be set.

Now I understand why my father would always yell at me to turn off lights when I was a kid and shut the door when the air was on. Apparently I really AM trying to cool the neighborhood now.

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