Friday, July 13, 2007

Seeking a new pediatrician...

Because the one I go / went to has an office staff that SUCKS. I have never dealt with a bigger group of bozos in my entire life. Stupid, idiotic, half brained dumb-asses.

It all started when my OT suggested to have the trio come in for speech evals. Well, in order to do so, they told me that I needed to get a referral. Which, I have never had to do since I have a PPO, but whatever. Every time I am at the Peds, they give me referrals for unknown reasons like the have a quota to meet. A few examples of the new level of stupidity they have reached:

1] I called to make the 12 month check up appointment a month in advance. The bozo on the phone asks if it will be a sick visit. WTF??? I told her that if anything changed in the next 4 weeks I would let her know.

2] Sends over a fax to Aspen's neurologist requesting that they schedule an appointment for an eval. They listed me as the patient. When the neuro called- it was quite an interesting conversation.

3] Tried to tell me that Synagis shots received in February would last until the end of April. It's a 30 day shot. Counting is not one of the job requirements apparently.

So I called yesterday to get this referral at 8:30 am. Dumbass #1 says no problem- she will have the Dr fax it over. Ok -fine. When I called at 5:12pm to follow up, Dumbass #2 tells me the Dr. doesn't do them, some other dipsh!t in their office does, but that I don't need one because I have a PPO. After I explain to her that it is a requirement from the therapy center, she says the doctor will fax it over that night. What happened to dipsh!t referral moron she just referred to?

So I call the therapy center today and they don't have it. I called back to the Peds office, got a different jackass on the phone who said maybe they can do it today. Oh no, it was that precise moment that I decided to ruin someone's day. Give the office manager now!

So the head dumbass gets on the phone and says that I don't need one blah blah blah. After I explain again that they are requiring one, she proceeds to tell me that they can take up to a week. This is the moment that I decided to enlighten her in a not so nice way about her inadequacies in educating her office staff since obviously they did not know this little rule. She then proceeded to apologize to me, and I let her know her apology was worthless, much like her and her staff.
Thankfully for her, I hung up on her before I could recommend where she could stick her apology and give her a referral for a proctologist.

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