Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cotton- the next food group...

"Hey Mommy- can you feed this kid so he stops eating my shirt?"

I would also like to send a bit of gratitude to the nice folks at Nevada Power for making me realize that I am an energy hog. Shame on me- that's right- punish me by whipping me back into energy conservation with a bill that included numbers such a 6,3,8- in that precise order. Who are we kidding? Why call it a bill? WHY NOT CALL IT A FINE!!! So I have ran around the house unplugging anything that could be using 1 teeny ounce of electricity, jacking up the thermostat, and even unplugged the charger to Drew's toothbrush. He will just have to use a manual one and suffer. Now I must go eat everything in my fridge 'cause I'm turning it off and surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to conserve energy until September.


lesleysmeshly said...

HOLY SHIT! And here I thought my whopping $300 bill was high...pfft. Nevada Power *stab*. Good luck with the fine and keeping your air down...I tried that, but it's just no fun living in a sauna.

The Grubbs said...

We have had the power on 78(!) all summer long. IT SUCKS! Fans are constantly on in every room and we just bought new air filters today hoping anything will help. I am wondering if I should even power down the computer while it is not in use... but $638?? Hot damn girl!

Angel said...


Ok, take these tips for what they are worth.

Computers MUST BE SHUT OFF WHEN NOT IN USE! OFF, not hybernating and not in sleep mode. Especially overnight. And, if your computer and printer and all the equipment are on power strips, turn off the power strip at night as well. Things still use energy when you think they are off.

Unplug things like the microwave and electric things that have clocks that you don't need. Keep a battery powered clock in your kitchen and unplug the nucerwave at night.

Any lights that are not necessary, keep them off.

Turn the air up, I know it sucks in Nevada but do it. Turn it up when you are not home and maybe back down a little when you are home. Turn it up at night and sleep with less blankets and maybe a small fan pointed at your bed, or a ceiling fan.

Those things might help. Just be more conscious and your next bill will be lower... the good thing is the changes you make will be reflected IMMEDIATELY.

Oh and try to use the washer and dryer at lower peak times like evenings when energy rates are lower. Use cold water to wash clothes and use a less hot setting on the dryer. Even if you have a gas dryer it may have an electric component to start it like ours does. Same with a gas range. Ours is gas but has an electric ignition.

Michele S said...


Ours was only $200. Are you in 10,000 square feet or something? We are only 2400 square feet but Greg literally keeps it on 68. Sometimes even lower. The kids are running in and out and leaving the door open. I'm thinking those giant pine trees are worth the water?????

Michele S said...

Joselle- Greg said you should change all your lightbulbs to the energy efficient ones. We don't have any regular light bulbs in our whole house. I'm almost blind, but we're saving a lot of money.