Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Acrobats, ketchup and utensils...

In the last 3 days...

1] When the boys wake up in the morning, I put them together in 1 crib so they can play for a bit. As I am standing in the doorway, Dominic climbed ON TOP of Ryan, leaned over and FLIPS feet over head out of the crib. And it is already lowered. Now I understand why triplet moms are big fans of crib tents. (note to self- find crib tents)

2] Ryan stole silverware from Red Robin yesterday. We found them underneath his seat in the stroller. I made Drew go in and return them. I refuse to encourage his little crime spree.

3] I learned the meaning of Murphy's Law. I wore a white shirt to work today, only to splat ketchup on it- more specifically - RIGHT ON MY BOOB. It looked like a nipple massacre with a spork.

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The Grubbs said...

If you get your tents here, they do a buy two get one free deal for triplet families. You just have to give them a little info so they can verify.
Even with our boys, we have the crib tents up, but only have one escape artist, so he is the only one who gets zipped up.