Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GIANT lizards and other things...

I do not like crawly things. They scare me. The other day, I went outside to walk to the mailbox. As I walked towards the gate, a GIANT 6 inch lizard ran across the path towards the front door. Then the GIANT thing jumped up on the door like it was going to ring the door bell. I am frozen with fear at this point. How do I get back in the house? Am I going to have to wrestle this thing to the ground? Finally, he scurried away.

I ran in the house, thankful that I did not get attacked by this thing. All of a sudden, a freakin' dust tornado comes thru (if you live in the desert, you know what I am talking about). This thing FLIPPED over my patio table, tossed chairs into the pool, and flung my umbrella into the neighbor's house across the street. My thought? HA HA- GIANT lizard is probably somewhere in Massachusetts by now. Whew!


GIANT lizard came back, and brought a friend. So now I have GIANT lizard and his buddy chilling out in my sideyard like some weird reptilian vacation.

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