Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All about me 101

ok- so apparently after you hit 100 posts in "blogland", you are supposed to write 100 things about yourself. That's it? Only 100? I could go on for daaays. But *sigh* I will keep it to 100- starting in increments of 10. Just 'cause 100 things is alot to type at 1 time. Plus I can organize them into nice neat sections :)

1-10 (all my pet peeves)

1. Shoulder bumps from hangers in the shoulders of shirts.
2. When people wear various shades of black and think it's ok. NO! There is blue black, brown black, gray black etc. UGH
3. People that order waaay too much food thru the drive thru window. More than 2 people- GO INSIDE!!!
4. People that leave their blinkers on for miles. To avoid this- I just don't use one at all.
5. People that mispronounce "Illinois". I don't live there, but I'm taking up for the whole state.
6. When menus say "World Famous" when in reality, it's not.
7. Emails that make me feel guilty because I am not passing it on to 100 people.
8. When my husband chugs milk and makes that gulpy sound
9. Hearing the phrase "You must have your hands full"
10. Toilet paper on the roll with the sheet going under instead of over.

There- that's a good start. Next 10 will be all about my favorite things. Now rest up and pay attention- there will be a quiz at the end :)


HW said...

OK. I could have written this list.

Amen to all of these. As for # 1 -Kevin James calls those bumps "shoulder nipples."
As someone who has lived in Illinois all of my life (except for 4 years of college and 3 months of a job transfer) THANK YOU. You never hear anybody pronouncing the "s" at the end of Arkansas....

dena said...

OK remember the drive thru comment when they are screaming at the top of their lungs for Popeyes in a year or so...the drive thru will be looking awfully tempting then!!!

hi my name is mommy said...

Im not sure if I have ever commented you before, but I have been here a couple of times:) Nice to find you!

As for your 1st list...I couldn't agree more! Especially the blinker thing, Grrr. Your page is adorable & so are the kiddos of course!

Laura said...

the hands full comment i hate too. i usually will tease families of new multiples or families with children that are irish twins in the nicu by stating, "allow me, as our baby's nurse to be the first one to dsay, 'you must be busy!'"
as the mom of a set of irish twins and 5 children i hate those comments too and usually offer a blank look on my face as i reply, "really? i would have never guessed that i am busy or have full hands!"
silly people!

Triplet mama said...

"you've got your hands full" is one of mine also....I enjoy your blog (am a fan of humor and sarcasm!)
You'll be glad you have the wagon all lined up when the kids are ready for it. I don't envy the Vegas heat...it's hot enough here in Sacramento. The older I get, the more I realize I hate the 100 degree weather.