Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Exorcist and Coconut Bra girl...

Drew and I decided to take the trio to the Miracle Mile shops at the Planet Hollywood casino. 1] they have a Baby Gap, 2] We wanted to try an overpriced not so tasty cheeseburger at Cheeseburger Las Vegas. So we feed them a gourmet lunch of split pea and ham soup, and carrots. All was flying along smoothly until Dominic projectile vomited.

At the precise moment that poor unaware Baci was standing. right..under..the..highchair table.

Pea soup covered chihuahua, 2 triplets in hysterics, 1 triplet covered in pea soup.

So after power washing the dog and Dominic, we got them dressed and headed out. We reached the restaurant and sat down to enjoy a nice family lunch. Then over came Coconut Bra girl. Well, let's just say that Dominic stared. And I mean stared like he knew what he was looking at. Right at the plastic coconut covered twins. She was selling leis for the Susan G. Komen organization. She asked us if we wanted to get lei'd, and then my otherwise non-comedic husband decided to tell her that was how we ended up with triplets. Har Har Har snicker snicker. Then whipped the wallet out so fast I thought he might have broke his wrist.

So, I REALLY need him to help me work in the other garage. Anyone have a plastic coconut bra I can borrow?
"Daddy- are those real coconuts?"

Totally unimpressed with the indoor thunderstorm show.

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DraMa said...

HA HA HA!! That is hilarious... ok, not the projectile vomit part... well, maybe a little.