Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Are YOU smarter than your iPod?

Dear loving husband bought me a new ipod for Christmas. Some 800 gazillion bit thing that could possibly organize my life. IF, I knew how to work it. I had just mastered the old one when he throws me in a shambles with the new one.

Then, just to go step further- he buys the alarm clock/docking station/bread maker/ ATM thing so I can wake to the blissful tunes of the iPod, ocean sounds / waterfall/ nature sounds or buzzer. I chose the buzzer. I imagine that if I had ever been in a boot camp environment, that the horn in the morning would be similar to the sleep wrenching "noise" that woke me up at 5:35 am this morning. One of those sitstraightupinbed kind of noises. Oh, and it projects the time ON THE CEILING so the whole room has a lovely alien blue glow that makes me feel like I am napping on the side of the freeway. Loving husband could fall asleep, upright, in the middle of a football stadium during a game. Me- if it is not pitch black, I may as well not bother attempting sleep.

So tonight, I am suffocating the alarm clock with a towel. May the strongest person win.


Michele S said...

I have never used an alarm clock since I was in high school. I just get up every day naturally around 6am. BUT if I did have a clock at all in my room, I would never, never, never have one that shone light on the CEILING!!! That would be horrific! Drew...Drew...Drew, what were you thinking?????

Okay, so are you going tomorrow?

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Well aren't we just little miss rise and shine! I strategically placed a tube of lip gloss over the one blue light. HA- I showed that alarm clock!

Yes, I'm going tomorrow. I may even order a drink ~ gasp!