Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What you NEVER want to hear from your stylist...

"Keep your eyes closed- this didn't turn out the way I wanted it to"

I stroll in for my appointment and give Tony my 2 requests:

1] Don't make my hair look like Sanjaya's on AI - approved
2] Please give me the sparkling midnight blue highlights I love every time I come in- denied

So after he informs me that my cut has morphed into "mom hair". I tell to him to figure something fun out and he tells me that he will turn me into a "sassy b*tch" with swoops? So after the highlights are done, I close my eyes for a little napsie when I feel lotsa scissor swooping going on. Lots of swoops. Edward Scissorhand caliber swoopin'. Then the hairdryer. And then the sentence that sent shivers down my spine.

But with some snips here, and even more swoops, and a couple of chops thrown in for good measure, he seemed pleased with himself. And I opened my eyes to a totally awesome (yet no blue highlights) hairstyle.

So that, combined with Aspen bringing me a fountain coke from McD's today (technically Drew drove) while I was at work, and Ryan only crying for 10 minutes at bedtime- it was a pretty decent Tuesday.


HW said...

One time after I got my hair cut, somebody said to me "I like your hair, but did you mean for it to be that way?"
Wait, what?

lesleysmeshly said...

Pictures! Pictures! Let's see these swoops and swirls!

DraMa said...

Aw-ite, listen chica, you cannot, EVER post something a fabulous new do and NOT post pictures of it. Beg steal or borrow a digi cam if you don't have one and post... if you are too sheepish to post pics of yourself on the net, get over it. Your kids are adorable as I'm sure you are too!

Now, get to it. I want to see Tony's work!

DraMa said...

i meant post something ABOUT a fabulous new do.... cripes.

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

ok ok- but my swoops looked more like poofs today when I tried to do it myself. So I will have a pic by the weekend.