Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

For 3 babies that got not a lick of sugar today, they were wild. Naps apparently are optional on holidays because they slept a total of 30 minutes since waking up this morning. Or, they were retaliating at me for making them wear the bunny ears.

More pics from today...

Backyard fun "Hey Aspen - Ryan's trying to get in the pool"
"Hurry up Mom -the Masters is on"

"My basket!"

"Look at all my loot!"

"These really don't match my dress..."
They were so tired they took their night bottle at 5:45 and were asleep at 6:15. I can't believe they are 11 months old today!


DraMa said...

Awesome pictures!! They are so dang cute!!!

Nice pool you have mama!

Happy Easter!

Michele S said...

Very, very cute! So sorry about the lack of naps. Are they getting molars?

I love all the cute outfits. I imagine I'll see them again at then next garage sale.

You just have the cutest babies, Joselle.

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Michelle- no molars, but the Easter Bunny did bring Ryan 2 top teeth.