Wednesday, April 25, 2007

He is NOT going to be happy with us...

We have to take Dominic tomorrow for surgery. He is getting,... how shall I put this....snipped.

See, Lil' Dominic had an inguinal hernia that the hospital neglected to tell us about and was only caught by my pediatrician. That discovery led to a trip to the surgeon. So the surgeon tells us that she will just tidy things up in that area when she operates on the hernia. HOWEVER, his hernia had other plans, and decided to close up shop on it's own. So the surgeon wanted to follow him and keep an eye on it. Well, at this rate, he would be in high school before she gave us the green light. So we asked our Ped to do it, and he said no, now that he is almost a year old.

So off to the urologist we went, and after some back alley bribery, he agreed to do it. Just kidding, no money exchanged hands. Well, at least until the bill comes.

By the way- this is how I caught him in the playroom. He already looks worried.


jesse said...

Poor little guy, but cute picture.

Michele S said...

I hope he's feeling better now! Austin didn't get his till a year old and it really didn't even slow him down. Hope you little guy is doing as well!