Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vaseline - the newest food group

Note to self- Do not leave Ryan unattended, AT ANY TIME.

Why he can't follow rules, I have no idea. The playroom is baby proofed, except for a small jar of baby scented petroleum jelly that happens to be on a table, OUT OF HIS REACH.

or so I thought.

I hear a clunk, and turn to see Ryan, jar of petroleum jelly on the floor, lid halfway across the room. Upon further inspection, it's all over him. I pick him up to see if he ate any and sniff to see if I can smell the "fresh baby scent" in his mouth. The back of the jar says to call poison control. YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD ALSO PROVIDE THE NUMBER. yeah right.

SO I find it on the internet, call and have a nurse pretty much tell me (between snickers) that the only issue may be a "laxative effect" Great.

So far, no diaper blowouts and I don't think that he actually got any in his mouth. But there was enough on him that when we gave him a bath, he had a protective coat of goo all over him and repelled water.

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