Saturday, November 04, 2006

The rice cereal exorcism...

Drew and I are boneheads.

WHY WHY WHY we did the stupid thing we did last night I will never know.

It all started out as a quiet evening. The munchkins were fed and SLEEPING. Around 10pm, we decided to MOVE them upstairs and put them in the crib (well, Ryan sleeps in the bassinet because he is too dangerous in the crib with Dominic and Aspen, scootin' around like he has wheels attached to his rear).

Up goes Aspen
Up goes Dominic
Up goes Ryan

Then all hell breaks loose. All three start screaming in sheer anger at the MORONIC people that became their parents. Apparently there is some truth behind the saying "Do not wake a sleeping baby". The new motto should be " Do not wake sleeping triplets unless you are prepared to handle the same amount of chaos that could be compared to a prison riot."

They screamed in unison for 20 minutes. Bloodcurdling screams like we just told them that there was no Santa Claus.

So what do I decide to do? It is at this point that my parenting membership card should have been revoked. Most parents would have soothed them to sleep. HA! Amateurs! THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO TRY RICE CEREAL! COMPLETE WITH BOWLS AND SPOONS!

Words of advice....

1] Babies do not like spoons when they are mad.
2] Rice cereal goes very far when spit from mad babies.
3] Rice cereal and formula will stain the paint on your walls.
4] It is very difficult to get rice cereal out of ear canals.

Stay tuned for more "Parenting 101 by Drew and Joselle".


Cathy said...
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Michele S said...

Joselle- oh my goodness. Perhaps give them their last feeding UPSTAIRS and THEN put them down UPSTAIRS, thus eliminating the need to MOVE them - UPSTAIRS.

(I thank the good Lord every day that we live in a ranch.)