Friday, November 17, 2006

Acetone lifesavers

Fun fact for the day....

1 gallon of paint will cover approximately 350 square feet.


a 1/2 ounce bottle of nail polish will cover 6 12 x 12 tiles.

Unfortunately this tidbit of knowledge was tested in my kitchen last night, when, a very small bottle of "Candy Apple Pink" nail polish decided to jump right off the counter and throw itself on the tile floor.

Yep, it looked like I massacred Pink Panther right in my kitchen. It was EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness Drew (aka Mr. Clean) was not home or he would has passed out right there on the floor. What the heck was I going to do? He was going to KILL me (even though technically it was not my fault- the polish must have had a death wish). It's not like when I spilled it on the carpet and I snipped it up- NOPE- this called for drastic measures.

Meanwhile, one of my neighbors had flowers delivered and they were not home. So I got to babysit them. They STUNK. My house smelled like a funeral parlour.

So I do what any resourceful ex-girl scout would do. Ok, so I was only a girl scout for 3 months, no one told me you actually had to camp in the woods - I do not camp, nor did I ever feel like I would need to know how to tie a good slipknot. Betcha Drew knows how, since when he saw this mess, I surely was going to the bottom of Lake Mead with some new concrete shoes.

Nail polish = nail polish remover

So I get on my hands and knees and start scrubbing, like Cinderella trying to get to the ball. By the time I was finished, I decided that I must write a letter to Revlon to 1] complain that they really should make shatterproof nailpolish bottles, and 2] if not, at least they make a damn good polish remover.

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