Monday, November 13, 2006

Beirut, Nevada

Drew and I had finally went to bed at a semi decent hour last night. Only for me to be scared ****less at 3 am.

I thought we were having an earthquake.

1st thoughts - get the kids
2nd thoughts - get my shoes and purse collection
3rd thought- get the dog
4th thought - find my husband

When I realized it just must have been some sort of boom, I figured I may as well use the lavatory while I was awake. It's a DANG GOOD THING I was already there because what happened next pretty much scared the p*ss right out of me. Thank goodness for tile floors. The loudest BOOM that I have ever heard shook my house like a meteor came right through it. Once I started breathing again, I looked outside and saw flashes of light behind my neighbor's house across the street. I ran frantically through the house trying to find Drew, who was MIA. As I am tearing through the house, I look outside and the field behind my neighbors house has a GIANT fireball burning in it. I scream, telling Drew that a plane just crashed in the field and to call 911.

(ok - this I don't understand- the kids apparently can sleep right through flaming fireball explosions)

So Drew calls 911, to let them know. And they tell us it is a vehicle fire. WHAT??? What vehicle spontaneously explodes at 3am???

Construction trucks.

Some freakin yahoo blew up a construction truck.

Now, I understand being a disgruntled employee, but wouldn't this be taking things a tad too far? I mean, when Drew has a bad day at work, he doesn't toss a designer out the window, and I don't pitch my computer off the balcony (ok- I did come close 1 time, but then I realized that I just would end up with an even slower one).

So hopefully tonight, all major construction equipment will remain intact, and I will get some sleep.

I might gather my shoes up just in case.

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MicheleS said...

Wow! How scary! I've always wondered what I would do if I was home alone with all four kids and the house started on fire. I guess since it's a one story, I would just throw them out the window, one by one?

Sure hope you do without the fireworks again tonight. Like you NEED to be awakened by anything but BABIES! Good grief!