Friday, November 10, 2006

Midnight chats

Aspen came off the oxygen!!! Drew took her for her sleep study Oct 24th and we just got the results. Apparently calling the doctor's office everyday did not light a fire under their behinds. But anyway, she was tape free as of last night. Now we are just waiting in Dominic's results, but according to Drew (who apparently is a Pulmonologist and I was unaware), Dominic's saturation levels were even better.

All three have figured out how to make sounds, which REALLY is enjoyable when they all decide to debate world issues at 2:00 in the morning. Last night we woke up to:

Ryan - "Ooogie woogie" (with a hint of whine to it)

Dominic - "Hoo Hoo"

Aspen - " Caa Caa"

Me and Drew "SHHHHHHH"

Tonight's topic will probably be how Mom's ugly maternity clothes did not sell on Ebay.

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